Less than Perfect

Several years ago, a journal published half a poem I’d submitted. I was of “half” a mind to withdraw my submission. Then, I took a step back and thought about why the publication accepting only part of a poem. I suspect the editor felt he was dealing with two poems. I’d entitled the poem PerfectContinue reading “Less than Perfect”

Whirl when you Write

they should dance/dance         thru universes         leaning-moving                       we are traveling         where are we going        if we only knew These words from the Poem Latin & Soul by Hernandez Cruz figuratively dance across the page. The poem reminds me of a dervish, the religious dance performed by Sufis, Muslim ascetics. I also thinkContinue reading “Whirl when you Write”

Show it All

The photo above was taken at Manchac on Lake Maurepas. I spent a great amount of time on the Mississippi River when I was a kid. The rivers, ponds, lakes and canals of Louisiana frequently appear in my writing. These can be beautiful, reflecting bright cumulous, and they can be nasty, covered in oil andContinue reading “Show it All”

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